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Anuncio publicitario

General bases:

El Festival Internacional de Cine de La Paz, Bolivia organiza el iv festival de cine que tendrá lugar en Septiembre de 2017 en la localidad de La Paz, Bolivia.

1) – All the persons of legal age may attend the Festival.

2) – Each participant may submit the number of works desired, with the only condition that have not been entered in previous editions.

3) – The films will be presented in their original language, or in the Spanish version. If it is spoken in a language other than Spanish, it must have subtitles in Spanish or English.

4) – Sections in competition:

Narrative Short Film

Documentary Short Film

Animation Short Film

Experimental Short Film

Science Fiction Short Film

Narrative Feature Film

Feature film Documentary

Animation Feature Film

Experimental Feature Film

Sci-Fi Feature Film

Music video

5) – Duration of the films:

For short films: from 1 to 40 minutes

For feature films: More than 41 minutes

For Music Videos: less than 25 minutes.

6) – The theme is free; Is accepted of any type.

7) – Documentation. The formats supported by the festival will be all digital.

8) – The registration will be made ON LINE through the REELPORT platform. The expenses for the sending of inscriptions will be in charge of the representatives of the films.

9) – Calls:

– Advance: before May 28

– Normal: before June 22

– Delayed: before July 20

– Extended: before August 20, 2017

10) – The term of admission will be from the publication of the present rules until August 21, 2017.

11) – The festival has registration fees:

– Advance: Short film, music video: € 11 ; Feature film: €14

– Normal: Short film, music video: €14 ; Feature film: €17

– Delayed: Short film, music video: €15 $; Feature film: €20

– Extended: Short film, music video: € 17; Feature film: €22

12) – Upon completion of the deadline, a specialized committee will make a selection of the finalist works of each of the competing sections, which will be screened during the festival.


13) – An Official Jury formed by a minimum of five people chosen from specialists in the national and international cinematographic and artistic environment. The jury’s decision is final.

14) – Notification: Through the online platform the finalists will be notified to have been selected, on September 01, 2018.

15) – Recognitions will be granted to each of the categories, namely:

– Best Narrative Short Film Award

– Best Documentary Short Film Award

– Award for Best Animated Short Film

– Award for Best Experimental Short Film

– Award to the best Short Film of Science Fiction

– Award for Best Narrative Feature

– Award for Best Documentary Feature

– Award for Best Animation Feature

– Award for Best Experimental Feature

– Award for the Best Feature Film of Science Fiction

– Best Music Video Award

– Special Jury Award for Best Actor

– Special Jury Award for Best Actress

– Special Jury Award to the best director

– Special Jury Award for Best Screenplay

16) – The presentation of the films will imply the acceptance of the present bases.